Validates a single phone number


This service is chargeable per call

This service is chargeable per call and therefore requires Pay As You Go (PAYG) setup on your account prior to calling. Please see this article to find out more about setting up PAYG

The Validate Single Number method allows you to check the validity of a phone number and whether the handset is currently on or off. You can also discover details about the network the phone number is on and whether the phone is outside its native country.

It makes a HLR request to the mobile networks to discover information about the phone number and its current status. HLR is widely supported globally but the amount of information returned can vary by country and network. Please see our HLR coverage table here for more details about coverage in specific countries.

The status returned will be one of the following:

OnThe number exists and the handset is currently switched on.
OffThe number exists, but the handset is currently switched off or out of range.
DeadThe number does not exist.
NotProvisionedThe number exists, but is not owned by a mobile network, for example a landline number.
BadNumberThe number does not conform to a recognised pattern or contains non numeric characters.
CountryMismatchThe number is not in a format that matches the requested country code.
ImpersonationFailedA username supplied to ValidateNumberForUserNames is not recognised.

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