Get contact import status

Gets the import status of a previously started contact import

This operation gets the progress of a contact import. It will return a status indicating where the contact import is currently at.

The possible status types are:

  • 'Finished' - The import has been accepted and has successfully imported
  • 'NotFinished' - The import has been accepted, but has not yet finished
  • 'RejectedByWatchdog' - The import was rejected by the Data Watchdog due to concerns with the quality of your email data; please contact support
  • 'InvalidFileFormat' - The file imported was not in the advised CSV or Excel format
  • 'Unknown' - The import has an unknown state which could indicate an invalid import ID; please contact support
  • 'Failed' - The import has failed; please contact support
  • 'ExceedsAllowedContactLimit' - The contacts you're trying to import exceeds your account's contact limit
  • 'NotAvailableInThisVersion' - This feature is not available in the version of the API you're using

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