Create contact with consent and preferences

Creates or updates a contact with consent data and marketing preferences


We apply API rate limiting, so use bulk calls where possible!

If you're looking to import or update multiple contacts at once, then we highly recommend using Bulk import contacts instead.

It allows you to import a collection of contacts and has the benefit of being a single API call only, making it far less likely that your account will exceed its API calls per hour limit.


Need to add contacts to an address book as well?

The following methods can create/update a contact whilst adding them to an address book therefore saving time and API calls.

Check out Bulk import contacts when working on multiple contacts and Add contact to address book when working with a single contact.


How to find preference ids

To find the id's for your existing preferences please call Get preferences

This operation creates or updates an existing contact a contact in your 'All contacts' address book and gives that contact ConsentInsight data and marketing preferences.

Setting the OptInType to 'VerifiedDouble' will result in a double opt-in confirmation email being sent to the contact. The result will state that the contact's OptInType is 'Double' and Status is 'PendingOptIn'. These will only update to 'VerifiedDouble' and 'Subscribed' respectively once the contact has clicked the link in the confirmation email, at which point they will be added to the account.

To opt in contacts to preferences, set the isOptedIn key to true

To opt out contacts from preferences, set the isOptedIn key to false, or do not specify those preferences in the request body.

Note that this operation can be used to update an existing contact. If the contact already exists, a duplicate contact will not be created, and any data provided in your request that is already held for the contact will be overwritten and updated in the system.

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