Get campaign address books

Gets any address books and segments that a campaign has ever been sent to

This operation retrieves a list of any address books and segments that a specified campaign has ever been sent to.

The select parameter requires a number between 1 and 1000 (0 is not a valid number). You may only select a maximum of 1000 results in a single request.

The skip parameter should be used in tandem with the select parameter when wanting to iterate through a whole data set. If you want to select the next 1000 records you should set the select parameter to 1000 and the skip parameter to 1000, which will return records 1001 to 2000. You should continue to do this until 0 records are returned to retrieve the whole data set.

Please note: despite the fact that segments also form part of the result of this request and as such also get returned with a 'visibility' parameter, the parameter doesn't apply to segments. Contacts can't actively see, join or leave a segment.

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