Send campaign

Sends a specified campaign to one or more address books, segments or contacts, either as an immediate or scheduled send

This operation sends a specified campaign to as many address books and segments as you choose. However, when sending to contacts, you can only send to up to 10 in a single call. You can also send to a single contact if you wish.

As well as a CampaignID, you must include at least one AddressBookID or ContactID in the request body.

The send can also be scheduled by including the sendDate parameter. If the sendDate parameter isn't included, the campaign will be sent immediately.

If you want to send the campaign as a split test, you must include all the fields of the splitTestOptions parameter. If the splitTestOptions parameter isn't included, the campaign will not be sent as a split test.

The value of the TestPercentage field must be between 1 and 100. The value of the TestPeriodHours field must be between 1 and 2,147,483,647.


Does not count towards your flat rate API call limit

This call is not counted as part of your flat rate hourly API call limit.

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