Bulk import contacts in address book

Bulk creates, or bulk updates, contacts in an address book


Active contact imports are limited to 25

If you exceed this limit, you'll get the 'too many active imports' error.

This operation bulk creates, or bulk updates, contacts in the import file within the specified address book.

The import format can either be CSV or Excel. It must contain one column with the heading 'Email' or the translated equivalent if your account is using a language other than English. Any other columns will attempt to map to your custom contact data fields.

As shown in the code examples above, the server requires you to provide the filename parameter of the Content-Disposition header in the multipart body. Without this header, you'll receive the response { message: 'file must be valid' } with a HTTP 400 status code.

There is a 10MB file upload limit; if your file is larger than this, please break your upload into separate files.

The ID of the returned object can be used to query import progress.

The possible status types are:

  • 'Finished' - The import has been accepted and has successfully imported
  • 'NotFinished' - The import has been accepted, but has not yet finished.
  • 'RejectedByWatchdog' - The import was rejected by Watchdog due to concerns with the quality of your email data; please contact support
  • 'InvalidFileFormat' - The file imported was not in the advised CSV or Excel format
  • 'Unknown' - The import has an unknown state which could indicate an invalid import ID; please contact support
  • 'Failed' - The import has failed; please contact support
  • 'ExceedsAllowedContactLimit' - The contacts you're trying to import exceeds your account's contact limit
  • 'NotAvailableInThisVersion' - This feature is not available in the version of the API you're using

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