Bulk add transactional data to contacts

Adds multiple pieces of transactional/insight data to contacts asynchronously

This method allows you to submit data in bulk. It works as part of the following calling pattern:


Bulk data upload calling pattern

The method for polling for import job status is Get transactional data import status and the method for getting the import job report is Get transactional data import report

This operation adds multiple pieces of transactional data to contacts asynchronously, which returns an identifier that can be used to check for import progress via the Get transactional data import status operation.


Ensure contacts already exist to successfully bulk add transactional data to them

You'll need to ensure that the contacts you're bulk adding transactional data to already exist in the account. Contacts aren't created via this operation.

Please be aware that this operation will return a '202 Accepted' result when transactional data doesn't get imported for non-existent contacts. To get a report on import successes and faults, you'll need to use the Get transactional data import report operation.

This operation can be used to add multiple pieces of AccountInsight data, in which case the contact identifier used should be "account".

A maximum of 50MB of transactional data can be uploaded in a request.

Please note that valid transactional data collection names must be unique, even if the collections are differently scoped (e.g. one collection is contact-scoped and another collection is account-scoped (AccountInsight)).

Collection names can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), and underscores ( _ ), they can't start with a number, exceed 255 characters in length, or contain spaces.

The possible status types are:

  • 'NotStarted' - The import has been accepted, but has not yet started to process
  • 'NotFinished' - The import has been accepted, and has started but is yet to finish
  • 'Finished' - The import has successfully finished processing
  • 'Failed' - The import failed processing
  • 'NotAvailableInThisVersion' - This feature is not available in the version of the API you're using

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