Get campaign with details

Gets a campaign by ID, along with all its details

This operation retrieves an existing campaign within your account by its ID, including all of the campaign's details.

These details are an extension to Get campaign, and comprise of the following final four properties to be returned:

  • Type: This can be 'Standard', 'Triggered', or 'NotAvailableInThisVersion'
  • Tags: This is an array of the campaign tags assigned to the campaign. The array will be empty if no campaign tags are assigned.
  • Split test options: This is an array of the the campaign split test options that have been made use of - 'Subject', 'FromAddress', 'FromName', 'Html', and 'PlainText'
  • Sent date: This is the most recent date and time that the campaign was sent. If the campaign hasn't been sent before, then '1970-01-01T00:00:00' will be returned.

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