Get program by ID

Gets a program by its ID

Use this operation to retrieve a program by its ID.

In the response, there are five possible status types:

  • Draft
    The program is in a draft state and is not active; a previously activated program can return to a draft state if no contacts have ever been enrolled on it
  • Deactivated
    The program has been deactivated after being activated, in which time it had enrolled contacts
  • Active
    The program is active
  • ReadOnly
    The program has been deleted and then recovered but for a certain reason can't return to a draft or deactivated state. For example, this could be because it was once an active program that had enrolled contacts, and referenced contact data fields and/or sent campaigns that have since been deleted.
  • NotAvailableInThisVersion
    This feature is not available in the version of the API you're using

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