Create program enrolment

Creates a program enrolment

This operation enrolls either a collection of contacts or all contacts within specified address books (lists) onto a automation program.


Contacts or address books (lists)

Note, you can either pass an array of contact ids or address book ids but not both!

An enrolment ID (GUID) is returned for the enrolment, and this can be used to retrieve details of the enrolment in other operations.

The possible status types are:

  • 'Processing' - The enrolment is currently processing and has yet to finish
  • 'Finished' - The enrolment has finished processing
  • 'NotAvailableInThisVersion' - This feature is not available in the version of the API you're using


Does not count towards your flat rate API call limit

This call is not counted as part of your flat rate hourly API call limit.

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