Send batch transactional email

Send a transactional email to multiple recipients

Sending a batch of transactional emails
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Do not use transactional emails for marketing purposes

Using a transactional email to send marketing content is a compliance violation because unsubscribe links are automatically removed from transactional email campaigns. To protect your sender reputation, only use transactional emails for transactional purposes:

  • Account balances
  • Password reminders and resets
  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping notifications

To send triggered marketing email campaigns with our API, check out the Send campaign API call.

Sends a batch of transactional emails using raw HTML or plain text for the email body. You can specify an HTML body, a plain-text body or both. We recommend using HTML for most emails due to the rich content options.

To keep things simple, we've only added a JSON example to this article. For more detailed and very similar code examples, check out the article Send transactional email.

If you're sending to multiple recipients:

  • Please separate addresses with a comma.
  • You are sending one email to multiple recipients, and all contact email addresses appear in the To box.
  • We recommend using BCCAddresses to protect each contact's email address.
  • CCAddresses is usually used with ToAddresses.

Please note that this operation doesn't add to your allotted total calls per hour.

The response will be an array of objects denoting the result of the send with the index value referring to the request in the input batch. If we couldn't send a request then we will add a failureCode and failureReason field to flag this and try to explain what the cause of the failure could be. e.g.

        "index": 0
        "failureCode": "ERROR_PARAMETER_INVALID",
        "failureReason": "ToAddresses field is empty or invalid. ERROR_PARAMETER_INVALID",
        "index": 1
        "index": 2


Send as many transactional email as you want

Calls to his method don't add to your allotted total calls per hour.


Batch request limits

The number of items in the batch is not limited, but each request to the API is limited to 50 MB maximum, so please ensure your API request body remains within this limit.


Use individual email sends if want granular tracking

Due to the nature of email we can only track events such as sent, delivered, read and clicked down to the transactional email request, therefore if you want these events for each recipient then please only send to a single email address per transactional email request.

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