Upload document

Upload a document to a specified folder using form data

This operation uploads a document to the specified folder.

Please note that the root document folder ID is 0

It can accept either a file uploaded using form data or a JSON body with the filename and file data in Base64. You can choose which method works best for you.


We only accept supported file types for security reasons

The fileName must end with a recognized file extension, such as csv, txt etc...

The permitted file types are as follows:

File extensionMIME typeFile type
.csvtext/comma-separated-valuesComma Separated Value file (CSV)
.docapplication/mswordMicrosoft Word document
.docxapplication/mswordMicrosoft Word document
.dotapplication/dotMicrosoft Word Document Template
.epsapplication/epsEncapsulated PostScript File
.gifimage/gifGIF Image
.icaltext/calendarCalendar entry
.icstext/calendarCalendar entry
.inddIndesignIndesign file
.jfiimage/jpegJPEG Image
.jfifimage/jpegJPEG Image
.jifimage/jpegJPEG Image
.jpeimage/jpegJPEG Image
.jpegimage/jpegJPEG Image
.jpgimage/jpegJPEG Image
.mp3audio/mpeg3MP3 Audio
.pdfapplication/pdfPDF document
.pngimage/pngPNG image
.ppsapplication/vnd.ms-ppsMicrosoft Powerpoint
.ppsxapplication/vnd.ms-powerpointMicrosoft Powerpoint
.pptapplication/vnd.ms-powerpointMicrosoft Powerpoint
.pptxapplication/vnd.ms-powerpointMicrosoft Powerpoint
.pubapplication/octet-streamMicrosoft Publisher
.rtfapplication/octet-streamRich Text File
.svgimage/svg+xmlVector image
.txttext/plainText file
.vcftext/x-vcardContact card
.vcstext/x-vCalendarCalendar entry
.xlsapplication/vnd.ms-excelMicrosoft Excel
.xlsxapplication/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheetMicrosoft Excel
.xpsapplication/octet-streamXML Paper Specification

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