Send transactional email using a triggered campaign

Sends a transactional email using a triggered campaign

This operation sends a transactional email using a triggered campaign as its content.


Do not use transactional emails for marketing purposes

Using a transactional email to send marketing content is a compliance violation because unsubscribe links are automatically removed from transactional email campaigns. To protect your sender reputation, only use transactional emails for transactional purposes:

  • Account balances
  • Password reminders and resets
  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping notifications

To send triggered marketing email campaigns with our API, check out the Send campaign API call.

If you're sending to multiple recipients:

  • Please separate addresses with a comma.
  • You are sending one email to multiple recipients, and all contact email addresses appear in the To box.
  • We recommend using BCCAddresses to protect each contact's email address.
  • CCAddresses is usually used with ToAddresses.

Please note that this operation doesn't add to your allotted total calls per hour.

There is no string length limit for the 'Name' and 'Value' values.

'PersonalizationValues.Value' can be string or JSON. All personalizationValues are also available in the liquid object collection. For example, the sample above can be accessed in EasyEditor with the following liquid:

{{data.order.items[0].title}} costs {{data.order.items[0].price}}

When sending a transactional email via this operation, you'll note that you're not required to provide the subject line and the from address. This is because they will be directly taken from the 'Subject line and 'From address' of the triggered campaign as set up in Dotdigital. These are entered on the 'Provide a few campaign setup details' page in Engagement Cloud, which is the first step (Create) in the campaign creation process when creating or editing a campaign.

Please note: You'll receive the response 'ERROR_CAMPAIGN_CONTAINS_UNSUPPORTED_BLOCKS' if your triggered campaign contains any unsupported EasyEditor building blocks and links.


A note on HTML compatibility for personalisation content

When using transactional email personalisation, the type of personalised content needs to be compatible with the HTML element it's being put into within the triggered campaign. For example, if the operation contains a personalised table, it will need to go into a table element in the campaign, not a paragraph.

Check with your campaign designers to ensure that their campaign's elements are suitable for the personalisation content being used.

The result returned will be a '200 OK' with no content in the response.


Let your systems know when customers have interacted with links

You can receive webhook events whenever any of your tracked links are clicked on by customers allowing you to trigger follow ups or track interactions within your own systems.


Use individual email sends if want granular tracking

Due to the nature of email we can only track events such as sent, delivered, read and clicked down to the transactional email request, therefore if you want these events for each recipient then please only send to a single email address per transactional email request.

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