Testing and examples


You can test our API's by using tools such as Chrome's Postman extension or Postman desktop, amongst other possible options.



Testing these operations/methods out will of course have the effect of posting, updating and deleting data within your live account.

Before testing, be sure this is something you're happy with.

With the above warning in mind, it's a good idea to explore the possibility of a sandbox account for testing. You can speak to your Customer Success rep about this. Alternatively, make sure you have a specially created testing address books and test campaigns, and so on, that you don't mind being directly affected by test API calls.

Alternatively, you can use our dummy account, which returns dummy data, to test the majority of our REST operations and SOAP methods. The API user credentials for the account are:

Username: [email protected]
Password: demo

Any data posted to the account doesn't persist.

If using the dummy account, please expect to encounter some restrictions and limitations. You won't be able to test all operations and methods, nor do those that can be tested necessarily return all of the data you might expect when using a normal account (for example, Get account information/GetCurrentAccountInfo won't return an API endpoint).

Code samples

Under of reference section the documentation provides basic code samples to make the API call you are looking at, but more comprehensive examples can be found:

Next steps

Discover what you can do with our powerful APIs in the reference sections below: