Learn about sending SMS through the API.


Are you ready to send SMS within your target countries?

The ability to send SMS through the Omnichannel API is restricted to accounts that have SMS pay as you go enabled, so you must contact us if you need this enabled.

Sending SMS internationally can be complex, as each country has their own regulations and requirements for businesses sending SMS, such as being pre-registered to send, only using shortcodes, specific opt-in and opt-out requirements etc.

You must contact us to discuss your SMS requirements prior to using the API to avoid issues.


An SMS originator (the number or name you send SMS from) is required to receive inbound SMS, or to give your application a recognisable identity to your customers. You can send using our Localiser & Stitching without the need for an originator, but your pool numbers can change, making recognising your communications more difficult for the customer.

You can send SMS from the following types of originator:

Mobile number447123123123A mobile number in international format. These can be rented for your desired country from us.
Short Code60006A short numeric identifier that requires companies to register for. These can be rented for your desired country from us.
AlphaAcmeString value between 2-11 characters of 0-9, a-z, A-Z, hyphen, underscore, full-stop and space.

You must contact us to discuss and arrange adding originators to your account(s).

Sending SMS

Find out how to send SMS using the Omnichannel API here

Alternatively you can also send broadcast SMS through the Dotdigital platform interface, or send triggered SMS using Dotdigital's program builder. Find out how here.

Receiving SMS

If you want to send inbound messages to your own systems for processing, see our Webhooks documentation for more information on how to receive data from us.


Webhooks work for all SMS

You can receive webhooks for SMS sent using the Omnichannel API or within Dotdigital.